Buying Narrow Woven from Turkey

Fabric manufacturing experience and knowledge transferred from generation to generation. Because of that, it is accumulated with centuries of experience in this land. Thanks to these advantages, fabric industry has started to increase its share in export of Turkey. This situation is an oppurtunity for people who want to pocure narrow woven from Turkey.

Narrow Woven from Turkey

The textile industry in Turkey has many advantages. One of the biggest advantages of Turkey is its geopolitical position. Turkey, increasingly popular manufacturers of Europe and Asia, began to procure their narrow wowen fabrics products from Turkey. Due to the fact that logistics costs are less, the textile industry is becoming increasingly attractive.

Manufacturing in Turkey

Narrow woven production is a sub-industry of textile and it is quite important as component of textile products. Moreover, narrow woven production fabrics are used in different industries. For example military and camping equipment, vehicle seat belts or materials that is used in space technology and as known in clothing.

Turkish narrow woven fabrics are known for their high quality and intricate designs. They are typically made from natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and silk, as well as synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. The weaving process involves the use of traditional looms, which require skill and patience to operate.

Narrow woven fabrics, also known as ribbon or tape, are a popular textile product that can be used for a wide range of applications, such as apparel, home textiles, bags, and accessories. Turkey is a major producer of narrow woven fabrics, with a long tradition of weaving dating back centuries.

One of the most well-known types of Turkish narrow woven fabric is kilim, a flat-woven rug or tapestry that is typically made from wool. Kilim rugs are highly prized for their intricate geometric designs and bold colors, and are often used as decorative accents in homes around the world.

As a result, textile is one the most important sector in Turkey with high level of employment and export rate. Moreover, Turkey, in textile, rank as fourth place with a 4,2% share, which means 16 billion dollars of in world market in 2020.  As well as, Textile has a 18% share in sector distribution of export of Turkey.


Besides, technological investments play an important role on in textile industry. This is mentioned by Industry and Technology Minister and other textile professionals. In addition, according to Textile Sector Analysis Report it takes important steps for sustainable and ecological production.

The countries that Turkey exports the most Narrow woven products to:

  • Germany.
  • Austria
  • France

Sourcing Service of Narrow Woven Fabric

Narrow Woven from Turkey

As a result, the textile industry is of great importance for the Turkish economy. We invite you to have a potential purchasing process in Turkey for narrow woven fabric products.

Therefore, Mopcons Consulting will perfectly satify your production and purchasing demands with various types and qualities for narrow woven fabric products in Turkey.