We were established to facilitate the international trade activities of our enterprises by blending the energy given by our youth with the experience brought by years.

We offer value-added services to businesses through our vision, corporate culture and commitment to ethical values.

Honesty, trust and diligence, which we will never give up, are our principles that illuminate our path. International trade is a long and challenging road with ever- hanging obstacles on it.

We allow you to walk this path by joining forces, overcoming the obstacles that stand in front of you without wasting time and money.

Our goal is to make our businesses a worldwide brand by export coaching.

Our supply agency service is to bring our brands together with businessperson and companies who want to choose Turkey as the country of supply.

We promise that we will support every business that is not afraid to work, produce, invest, and all business people and companies that turn their direction to Turkey as much as we can.

Ömer Dedeoğlu