Benefits of Purchasing Furniture from Turkey

Especially in the last past years, the Turkish furniture industry has started to increase the number of medium- and large-sized enterprises.

The number of furniture exporters is increasing day by day. There are lots of manufacturers and exporters in various cities in Turkey. These cities are Bursa, Ankara, and Istanbul.

Furniture Industry in Turkey

This industry is an important sector with a number of workplaces and its workforce. The share of the sector in total exports was 2% in 2021. The share in export is increasing every year. The development of the furniture industry is going on together with the development of furniture exports.

While Turkey’s furniture exports realized 192 million dollars in 2001. In 2021 it has increased significantly and reached 3 billion 422 million dollars. Despite the negative effects of pandemic conditions, furniture exports in 2021 increased by 12% compared to last year.


Main Factors of Purchasing Furniture from Turkey

  • Creativity in Design: Due to the originality of this workmanship and the influence of modern trends, Turkey has lots of professional and international designers. Due to requests for more modular products from Europe and USA, the industry has started to turn to the Scandinavian furniture style.

Besides, combine of this art and the use of the latest industrial and specialized machines is very important. As a result, Turkey is one of the popular locations for furniture procurement.

  • Industry Quality: Many Turkish furniture manufacturers gained the best reputation among their competitors. Due to the richness of the market in furniture products and competition for quality was inevitable in this industry. Quality is the first standard of manufacturers.
  • Competitive Prices: In addition to high design and quality standards, many importers note the good price difference between Turkish furniture and other international products. Besides the weakness of TRY, the Turkish furniture market is being popular day by day.

The Most Furniture Products Manufactured in Turkey

  • Metal furniture products are one of the most popular in Turkey. Turkey exports metal furniture products to Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany.
  • Wooden furniture products are also popular in Turkey. Turkey exports wooden furniture products to Saudi Arabia, UAE and the Bahamas.
  • Wooden furniture products specially used in stylish bedrooms are another popular product in Turkey. Turkey exports these stylish bedroom products to Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Dominic.

Furniture Purchasing Service

We guide our customers to determine the best service in furniture procurement in Turkey. In this service, we contact with manufacturers for furniture products. We negotiate on behalf of you regarding the specifications, price, delivery date and payment terms.

Thanks to our supervision services we follow up supply chain organization of manufacturers. Besides, we follow up on production monitoring and factory quality control on site.

Mopcons inform their clients regarding the daily activities of Turkish furniture manufacturers. We prepare weekly or monthly reports and deliver status updates and all information about furniture procurement in Turkey.  

In addition to the services mentioned above, Mopcons secure their clients with our legal consultancy service. We deliver added value to your furniture-sourcing business. Thanks to this special service our legal department will be in charge of legal activities such as contract management and confidentiality agreements.

While furniture sourcing as you desired you will not need to pay the travel and office costs. Mopcons will act as your local agent and manage all your business that you will make in Turkey.

As a result of our solution-oriented services, you will save money and time.

Finally, contact us to learn more about furniture purchasing in Turkey.