About us

Mopcons is established by professionals who had knowledge and experience in different disciplines such as international trade, supply chain management and law.

Mopcons is a new generation consulting company that established by professionals who have worked in management positions in international companies and projects.

We are working to facilitate trade. Thus, we offer opportunities that meet the needs and expectations of companies and facilitate their trade.

Thanks to International Trade Consulting, we try to gain the problem solving ability to your company brought by our knowledge and experience.

In todays world technology is advancing rapidly and competition is increasing excessively so it is necessary to constantly review strategies.

We help you to become a competitive, profitable and solid growing company with our sourcing agent service. Thanks to the Sourcing Agent, we supply the products to you on your behalf.

Thanks to our strong supplier infrastructure, we provide dropshipping agent services to newly established with low capital small businesses.

Contract management develops effective precautions against the legal risks that may arise in your trade.

We help companies to make their operations and managerial activities dynamic and robust.

With the Commercial Representation, we determine the strategic steps to be taken on behalf of your company together with you.

Our aim is to increase the operational and managerial functionality of your company with foreign trade consulting.

Our goal is to create structures that will prioritize customer satisfaction and save you time and money with the export coaching.

Our goal is to make your business more efficient and economical with effective business models that we will successfully implement thanks to foreign trade consulting.

It will be possible to have quality products at the most affordable prices thanks to the value-added works we will do within the scope of import consulting and export coaching service.

The source of our success depends on understanding and interpreting your needs and expectations correctly. For this reason, we create a commercial agent which work for you within your organization and far from your country. We plan and budget our solution proposals in all details. We determine your work flow by revealing with timelines. With procurement agent service, we aim to help to your company for save time and money.

We carry out your foreign trade consulting thanks to our commercial representation and cooperation in the USA, England, Some European and CIS Countries. With the export coaching service, we can support all your activities in these countries. We evaluate your international trade contracts with these countries within the scope of Contract Management. Within the scope of contract management, we prepare international trade agreements that will protect you.

In this way, with all the work we will do, your company ceases to be local. It becomes an effective player in international markets.

Nurturing Your Business

We manage your projects from your ideas to end results.
We assign a consultant-lead to your project who will be responsible for driving the organizational change from orientation to implementation.