Turkey is very important manufacturer country for pet products. Turkish pet products sector has a highly developed infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities as in other industries. Main categories are textiles, accessories, jewelry and furniture. There are many special product options and manufacturing possibilities for all pet animals, especially cats and dogs.

What kind of pet products do we source?

It is possible to list these products for our best friendsSourcing agent Turkey can procure; eco sustainable blankets, pet leads, special production kennels, pillows, jewelry, special production textile and stylish equipment from Turkish pet product manufacturers.

We can role as business representative in Turkish pet product manufacturers for your orders. We can negotiate for your needs and requirements regarding band type woven or leather dog collars, square or rectangular soft pillows, quality dog ​​blankets, special quality dog ​​kennels.

The most requested and popular product is about textile sector. Thanks to the advanced textile manufacturing capacity, you can easily access bathrobes, blankets and other textile products for pets in Turkey.

Turkish pet products do not harm the skin of pets are. These products are both harmless to the environment and have no negative effects on pets. Besides these quality metrics, we can source affordable pet products from Turkey.

Turkish pet Products produce with raw materials such as Polyester, wood, cotton, plastic. All these are available with eco sustainable and biodegradable.

Why Turkey?

Turkey offers competitive cost and logistics opportunities as well as quality for pet products. Turkish pet product manufacturers become attractive options when the country’s advanced logistics opportunities and cost-effective labor factors are combined as a result of current exchange rates.

The Turkish pet products and services sector is growing by approximately 15% every year. In addition to 5.500 pet stores and 2.000 pet clinics are operating in Turkey. Animal farms, shelters and pet hotels alternatives are increasing rapidly. This shows us active role of Turkey in the supply of pet products.

Compared to the Far East, Turkey offers superior quality as well as the same cost in pet products and manufacturing. If you want to reach cost-effective and quality pet products, Turkey is the most attractive country for quality and affordable pet products.

Choosing Turkey’s pet products for nature-sensitive pet collars, pet pillows, pet jewelry, pet kennels, pet clothes will be the best for both your costs and your contribution to nature.

Mopcons Consulting, based on our years of experience, we provide services to our valued customers so that you can always reach high quality and affordable pet products.