Why should I buy from Turkey?

Turkey is located in the middle of the world due to its location. Turkey, which has the world’s oldest place, is known as the zero point of history and the geography where humanity started. Your sourcing agent Turkey serves its professional for your business in this geography.

Thanks to its unique location in the east of Europe and the west of Asia, it is a country that attracts the attention of the whole world.

This position enables especially European countries to choose Turkey as the sourcing country. In addition to its location advantage, it can offer better quality products at competitive prices compared to Far East countries. Thus, Turkey as a key country for people who want to buy from Turkey and make the supply chain cheaper and more efficient.

Benefits of Turkey

Compared to other middle eastern countries, it is a country that has adopted the democratic system. Turkey, which has been in the European Union harmonization process for many years, is decisively taking the necessary steps for full membership.

Thanks to its young population, talented and dynamic workforce, Turkey is an important producer country in the world. Qualified workforce successfully completes the processes that need to be completed with determination to work. Thus, they ensure the supply of high-quality products and services. Thanks to all these advantages, it has a sustainable production capacity. Turkey is the most strategic partner to be selected as the supply country. Buy from Turkey may be most critical decision in your supply chain process.

Many international companies choose Turkey as their production center, that clearly shows the importance of Turkey is in the supply chain.

Due to the depreciation of the Turkish Lira especially in recent years, Turkey is a country where you can reduce your costs. All the products and services you will request are much lower cost compared to the European and American markets. Customs duty is zero especially for Europe and the UK, thanks to bilateral trade agreements. This very big advantage increases the attractiveness of choosing Turkey as a supply country.

One of the issues that governmental bodies emphasize and encourages the most in Turkey is export. It offers many incentives and facilities to domestic producers in order to increase exports. Starting from the establishment of a business, it has financial support in all matters it needs, from production, employment, infrastructure and foreign market research. This situation shows how much importance for Turkey attaches to production and exports.

How Can I Sourcing from Turkey?

Contacting manufacturers and service providers directly to supply products and services from Turkey often fails. The reason for this is mostly trying to establish only written communication and language problems.

You can work with a local and professional sourcing agent Turkey to benefit from the advantages of sourcing from Turkey. You can have a commercial representation in Turkey. Professional sourcing agent in Turkey with experienced supply chain experts will save you time and money. At the same time local purchasing specialists who have the current situation and price policies of the country, will prove to you that you have made the right choice in the long-term collaboration.

The professional sourcing agent Turkey prevents your loss of time and money due to its cost benefit approach. It allows you to communicate effectively with your potential supplier and improve your existing supply system. Purchasing consulting reduces your input costs by finding suppliers that produce cheaper and higher quality. Sourcing agent Turkey, aims to reduce your purchasing risks along with effective contracts. It creates the necessary regulation and infrastructure for reliable quality control, pre delivery inspections, customs and transport operations.